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Electrical connection for explosion-proof actuators

15 June 2016

AUMA is to launch a new electrical connection for its explosion-proof valve actuators. The new type, named KT, will be introduced in the middle of 2016 and will successively replace the existing KP and KES connections.

“The new KT plug/socket connector combines the compact design and the cost-effectiveness of the KP connector with the flexibility of the KES connector,” says Peter Malus, product manager at AUMA.

The new KT connector and the existing KP and KES types all owe their existence to AUMA’s philosophy of modular design, which greatly simplifies the ordering, stocking, installation, and maintenance of AUMA actuators. The electrical connection is implemented via AUMA plug/socket connector.

The existing KP connector is available with Ex e (“increased safety”) approval for operation at up to 500 V. More sophisticated requirements such as Ex d (“flameproof enclosures” or particular connection technologies including fiber optic couplers formerly required a KES connector.

The new KT connector is a versatile device that allows connection voltages up to 1,000 V. It is available in protection types Ex e and Ex d, and allows easy implementation of special connection solutions, depending on the available space. A KT connector with Ex e protection will be included in the basic price of every explosion-proof AUMA actuator.

The KT connector is fully compatible with all of AUMA’s existing electrical connections. For KES applications, changing to a KT connector requires no modifications to the actuator. Existing KP applications simply require replacement of the actuator connector part.

For more information visit: https://www.auma.com/en/company/news/newsdetail/news/new-electrical-connection-for-explosion-proof-auma-actuators/