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Versatile Profinet module

01 January 2017

JVL’s integrated servo motors now is now available with Profinet Industrial Ethernet protocol. The Profinet protocol was originally developed by Siemens for use with its PLCs, but can also be used by other suppliers that use the Profinet interface.

The Industrial Ethernet module from JVL fits into the complete range of integrated servo motors from 50 to 3000W, and is a versatile module which can be upgraded with other protocols or newer versions of the same protocol at any time.

The JVL Profinet module is equipped with two Ethernet connectors and a built-in switch, enabling line topology without any extra expensive hardware. The JVL Profinet module has several LEDs, enabling technicians and operators to get a quick status overview. There are also opto-isolated digital I/Os embedded in the module, enabling control of extra sensors etc. without external I/O modules. This minimises the number of devices on the net and also reduces cable costs. 

All connectors are rugged M12 connectors suitable for the rough conditions in industrial environments. Furthermore, all registers in the JVL MACmotor are accessible via the Profinet connection, thereby enabling complete control of motor configuration and motion. The JVL Profinet module is very easy to use and configure via a predefined setup, and is easy commissioning using the JVL MacTalk application software.

The MACmotor sets completely new standards for the performance and size of servo controls. MAC motor matches the size of traditional servo motors without built-in controllers. This has only been possible through the use of extremely compact motors and the development of electronics and mechanics that utilise the latest technologies and manufacturing methods. All motor electronics and mechanical parts have been specifically developed and selected to withstand the rigorous demands required by industrial use.

Power Supply and Energy Savings Powering this motor is easy since it only requires connection of the main voltage of 24-48VDC, 115/230VAC or 3x400VAC through harsh industrial M12, M16 or M23 connectors. Control voltage for the encoder and microprocessor circuitry is 24VDC: In an emergency-stop situation, where an approved relay has cut off the main power, encoder position and other values are maintained by this control voltage. Furthermore, highly effective switching technology is used to ensure low heat generation resulting in appreciable energy savings.

One of the big advantages of using the integrated MACmotors is that you do not need to install a separate servo driver or controller in a control cabinet. This gives you many subsequent advantages: Space savings in the control cabinet, saving of expensive motor and encoder cables, saving time (and money) for cabling, noise is minimized due to internal cabling, and also installation errors between driver and motor are eliminated. In addition, service is much easier, since the motor and controller can be replaced as a single integrated unit. Hence, downtime is minimised and production is maximised.