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Next generation stepper motors

16 October 2017

Leader in integrated servo and stepper motors, JVL, has announced a completely new generation of the NEMA23 integrated stepper motors. The new motor family, ServoStep, uses the latest technology and advancement of the previous designs, incorporating customer feedback.

The all-in-one solution includes motor, drive electronics, encoder, motion controller and an easily programmed embedded PLCwith 8 I/O points onboard. The motors can operate as standalone units or be controlled from a master PLC or PC. The 8 I/O points can be individually configured as digital inputs, digital outputs or analogue inputs.

Standard features include closed-loop operation, torque control, ultra-high resolution of 409600 step/revolution resulting in unsurpassed smoothness and silent running plus a wide speed range from 0-3000 RPM with an extreme resolution of just 0.01rpm.

Power supply goes from 7 to 72 Volt DC and there are 4pcs M12 industrial connectors for supply, signals and communications. Serial RS485 interface is standard on all motors.

The family base line consists of high torque motors but if even more is needed JVL offers ultra high torque motors with up to 30% higher torque. There are ten different motors with 0.97 Nm to 3.1 Nm.