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Non-contacting rotary encoder

20 March 2017

Contelec’s compact and durable Vert-X 05E encoder available from Variohm EuroSensor suits precision rotary position control applications in heavy duty machinery where space is restricted and where simple installation and competitive cost are important factors.

The Vert-X 05E sensor element is just 5mm thick, allowing measurement very close to walls and other boundaries. The sensor has 12-bit resolution in a choice of single or redundant output for 0.5V…4.5V or 10…90% of programmed input voltage (5V DC).

The sensor's repeatability is within 0.1⁰ and versions are available for 0 to 360⁰ or factory programmed in 10˚ increments with special range options available on request. The intendant linearity is dependent upon the radial alignment with a typical value from +/-0.3%.

With complete mechanical separation between the Vert-X 05E´s sensor element and the magnetic actuator the new sensor offers an effective limitless life. The sensor and magnet housings are encapsulated in high-grade temperature resistant epoxy resin which is impervious to ingress with the opportunity that the angle measurement can be made through non-magnetic liquid or solid materials.

The direction sense is simply reversed by flipping the sensor element which is secured by two small screws. The sensor´s environmental specification extends to high level resistance to shock and vibration as well as similarly excellent electrical characteristics for emissions.