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EPLAN - PrePlanning

25 August 2017

EPLAN Preplanning is CAE software for the planning and design of process automation for process-related machinery and plant. Starting from system overviews (P&IDs), system structures, process control points and data acquisition from sensors and actuators, a comprehensive machine and system documentation complements automatic creation of diverse reports.

EPLAN Preplanning supports graphic, structural and device-oriented basic engineering. The integration into the EPLAN Platform enables data transfer in the downstream interdisciplinary detail planning with EPLAN Electric P8 or EPLAN Fluid. You can undertake the first planning activities for process automation technology and in the engineering process early in the EPLAN Platform.

You benefit from:

  • Faster engineering processes
  • Optimised project quality
  • Consistent documentation

The EPLAN Platform is the engineering pacesetter: It feeds the EPLAN systems in the I&C, electrical and fluid engineering. It provides the necessary wiring information as a basis for determining optimum installation paths, connection lengths and beam diameter in the switch cabinet, switchgear building and for harness design. In this way the EPLAN Platform brings together various expert systems and data for mechanical and electrical design and integrates perfectly into existing IT infrastructures and engineering processes.

As a CAE system for technical preplanning of machinery and plant, the focus of EPLAN Preplanning is in basic engineering. In the early stage of a project, the user can create graphic overviews easily and quickly with EPLAN Preplanning P&ID.

Information on components of the process and automation technology can be stored directly in the drawing and in parallel in the project database. For the creation of a plant and machine overview, part drawings can be stored as macros. This provides great flexibility because variants can be assigned with individually defined value sets.

A single macro can contain, for example, a tank, a pump drive or a roller conveyor with different configurations of sensors and actuators. These individual capabilities support the definition of a flexible basis for planning. Already at this early stage of planning, standardisation and reuse provide far-reaching benefits.

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