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Magnetic gripper for uneven or perforated surfaces

13 September 2017

SMC has added to its gripper range with the launch of the MHM-X6400, which uses a magnet to handle workpieces. Ideal for workpieces with uneven surfaces or featuring holes, the MHM-X6400 provides machine operators with reliable and safe handling and reduced cycle times that increase productivity.

With a holding force of up to 120 N, the MHM-X6400 keeps hold of the workpieces even when the air is shut off, giving peace of mind when it comes to reliable and safe movement of workpieces. Furthermore, with a residual force of 0.3 N or less, cycle times are reduced and productivity output is improved.

Strategic Product Sales Manager Pete Humphries said: “Thanks to the close working relationship we enjoy with our customers, it became apparent there was a need to develop a gripper for workpieces that vacuum pads could not accommodate. The magnetic MHM-X6400 fills that void, and the initial feedback has been really positive thanks to its clever design that offers flexibility, cost savings and reliability.”

Suitable for a range of transfer applications, the holding force of the MHM-X6400 can be adjusted by changing the type of bumper being used. Made from Fluororubber, the bumper prevents damage to the workpieces, delivering cost savings. The bumper also prevents the workpiece from slipping during operations, improving safety. Featuring three mountable surfaces and the option to mount auto switches, the MHM-X6400 offers flexibility and greater process control.