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Protect your drive with ABB’s preventive maintenance service

20 April 2023

PROTECT YOUR investment and avoid downtime efficiently and effectively. ABB’s preventive maintenance services can help you to maximise uptime, eliminate performance drift, and significantly reduce the likelihood of failures.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your drive running optimally. Our UK-based drive workshop provides comprehensive factory-level testing, diagnostics and servicing, with fast turnarounds.

A dedicated workshop in Coalville, Leicestershire, provides comprehensive inspection, maintenance and testing procedures that are not always possible or practicable in the field due to, for instance, a lack of space, harsh environments, or limitations on access to the device’s location. The drive will be stripped down and components thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and any components replaced according to the device’s maintenance schedule, or if they show signs of premature wear. The drive is then functionally tested before being shipped back to the customer.

  • Fast turnaround, with most drives returned, typically within a couple of weeks, from our Coalville workshop
  • Preventive maintenance and/or repairs carried out for functioning or non-functioning drives
  • Only genuine spare parts used
  • Access to factory-backed testing and diagnostic tools exclusive to ABB-certified workshops
  • Drives serviced on-site where possible
  • Detailed technical report provided including full diagnosis, underlying cause analysis and future preventive recommendations

To get started, visit: new.abb.com/service/motion