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Wheel hub gearbox for AGVs & AMRs

13 July 2022

NEW FROM Delta Line is the GPW56 Wheel Hub Gearbox, a planetary gearbox designed specifically for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

This compact wheel unit has been created to offer what is claimed to be unprecedented flexibility: it can be integrated directly into the mobile robot or arrive assembled with an array of complementary Delta Line products including BLDC motors, stepper motors, integrated controllers, brakes, drives and tires.

Delta Line developed the GPW56 Wheel Hub Gearbox after experiencing firsthand the lack of product flexibility available to AGV/AMR engineers. The GPW56 is designed to be configurable and scalable for each application, and has 14 different reduction ratios to choose from with continuous output torque ranges from 7.73 Nm to 26.48 Nm.

Delta Line can also design custom wheel hub assemblies for applications requiring output torques or sizes beyond the listed catalog options. With a thin profile, this wheel hub can nest directly inside of the mobile robot wheel. Since the GPW56 Wheel Hub is a planetary gearbox, it is able to withstand constant repetitive radial loads over its lifespan. The resulting product longevity exceeds gearmotors used in the same mobile robotic application. Delta Line understands the performance and efficiency requirements that prevail in mobile, battery-powered applications. With efficiencies up to 92%, the robust GPW56 Wheel Hub Gearbox is reported to be the ideal option for AGV and AMR applications.

Providing design flexibility and control, the GPW56 can be individually installed into the mobile robot or as a subassembly with Delta Line motors, controllers, brakes, drives or tires. The configurability of the Wheel Hub Gearbox is multiplied as it is connected with other Delta Line product options. By enabling selections for each aspect of the motion – from the mechanics to the electronics – the AGV/AMR design engineer is able to pick a customised solution package for their mobile robot from a single supplier.

Advantages at a glance:
• 14 Reduction Ratios Available
• Hub output torque ranges: 7.73 Nm to 26.48 Nm
• Custom outputs and sizes can be provided
• Efficiency up to 92%
• Max Radial Load at Hub: 75 kg (1 stage), 300 kg (2 stage), or customer-specified high load
• Optional BLDC motor (from 42 to 90mm) or Stepper Motor (from 42 to 110mm)
• Optional Integrated Controller (from 42 to 80mm)
• Optional Brake, Tire and Drive