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Multi-axis BLDC motor controller

25 November 2022

DELTA LINE has introduced the Phoenix Drive product family, a new multi-axis brushless DC motor controller inside of a slim, space-saving package. Suitable for for applications with strict size requirements, the advanced EtherCAT Phoenix Drive controls up to three motors within a compact and functional solution.

The Delta Line Phoenix Drive product family is the next generation of highly integrated motor control solutions. By processing all real-time critical functions within the drive, the Phoenix Drive minimises communication traffic, reduces controller dimensions and decreases the overall system cost. It also provides axis synchronisation, making the Phoenix Drive a cost-effective integrated motion controller. 

The Phoenix Drive uses EtherCAT high speed communication protocol and is available in two configurations: B100 and B500. Both configurations include system protections such as over current, over and under voltage, overheating, phase-to-phase shorts and ground shorts. These drives control BLDC motors with both 5V encoders and hall effect sensors. The B500 Controller includes brake output of 1.3A and STO (Safe Torque Off).

Delta Line is a trusted partner for demanding, high-growth industries such Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, logistics solutions and more. With the release of this highly integrated, compact multi-axis Phoenix BLDC Motor Controller family, Delta Line continues to be a leader in mobile motion control applications.