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High torque capacity

18 August 2023

NEW FROM Delta line is a range of high torque capacity Brushed Permanent Magnet DC motors to complement its already extensive portfolio of Brushed DC Coreless motors.

Available in 3 sizes, 42DI, 52DI and 63DI, these three additional Brushed DC motor options offer an ideal solution for all those customers that still want to rely on a well-established and trusted technology that provides easy-to-operate, long lasting and high torque capacity motors.

These new products feature nominal torque up to 0.06Nm in 42mm, 0.22Nm in 52mm and 0.27Nm in 63mm, to support demanding applications and are well suited to operate in harsh environmental conditions thanks to IP54 protection and F insulation class. The graphite commutation system with an optional EMC filter serves to reduce brush and collector wear and can significantly extend motor life.  All sizes are available in 2 different lengths and 3 standard windings (12V, 24V, 48V) to provide the right product for the application’s technical requirements.

This new range of Brushed Ironcore DC motors can be integrated in more complex motion systems by combining them with Encoders, Planetary Gearboxes from our GP line (GP42, GP56, GPW), or various types of cables/connectors, lead screws and brakes. Our experienced engineering team can also support to offer customized solutions according to specific requirements – from custom shaft or flange variations to special winding or higher protection class. These customization options are possible even for small and medium volume requests. Brushed permanent magnet DC motors are well suited for applications in various sectors such as medical and industrial pumps, agriculture, warehousing and intralogistics, security and access control, etc.