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Medium voltage (MV) motor control solutions

07 November 2012

Fairford Electronics has announced that a Medium Voltage (MV) Motor Control Solution will form part of its product portfolio in the very near future

The MV Motor Control solution is designed for motors ranging from 2.3kV up to 13.8kV, and is available for motor sizes up to 2000 Amps.

Fairford has over 30 years experience of dealing with Low Voltage Motor Control solutions and now, thanks to specialist training, its technical team is able to give unrivalled support surrounding the new Medium Voltage Motor Control Solutions - from initial advice about the specification of the motor control solution to full after sales service and commissioning.

The MV Motor Control Solution can work with any medium voltage application that runs at a fixed speed. To date it has been used extensively around the global from the Marine industry to Oil and Gas to companies such as NASA, and US Government and buildings including the Pentagon. The product provides superior power control and protection for your most important assets.

Some key product features include: advanced motor protection relay and ramp features as standard; fibre optically isolated low voltage compartment with up to 110kV BIL rating for safety and reliability; load-break/fault-make rated disconnect switch with door safety interlocking; a fully rated bypass contactor for increased thermal capacity; and an option for an emergency direct on line start.

More information about this product can be found on Fairford's Blog - www.fairford.com/blog