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Create intuitive user interfaces

08 August 2018

Implementing a high-quality design for your TFT displays will attract attention. Designing for the user will allow simple and intuitive handling of the device. The serial ArtistaGUI-II TFT controller, available from Display Technology, allows you to swiftly create a variety of screen layouts and interfaces to use on your application.

Based on the Raspberry Pi (4 Core, 1.2GHz) the ArtistaGUI-II offers 4GB eMMC for storage of macros, images, text, fonts and videos. You additionally have the option to extend your storage volume via an SD card if required. The Artista GUI-II has been designed with full graphics capability for use on TFT displays up to a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels and for a range of sizes from 5" to 65". The ArtistaGUI-II allows PCAP touchscreens to be controlled directly via the I²C interface.

The ArtistaGUI-II works well with TARA Embedded software, which aids the design of individual user interfaces. The software provides a series of high-quality graphics and options to edit content to complete your design. Alternatively the ArtistaGUI-II supports QT 5.x or Display Technology provide the option of the service to create your user interfaces.