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Enabling transition to Industry 4.0

11 June 2019

Magic Software Enterprises, a global provider of end-to-end integration and low-code application development platforms solutions and IT consulting services, had announced general availability of its new data intelligence product, FactoryEye, built specifically for manufacturers.

FactoryEye is a high performance, low-code, flexible, hybrid platform that ensures the smooth integration between manufacturers’ legacy core IT systems, cloud systems, and factory machines by collecting and analysing big data from multiple silos.

The product’s intuitive and user friendly dashboards empowers manufacturers by providing all the analysis they need in order to make faster and smarter decisions based on real time data and analytics. This translates into improved productivity, faster delivery times, and better control over the manufacturing processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher profit margins.

"The addition of FactoryEye to our software portfolio allows us to provide our new and existing manufacturing clients with a comprehensive Industry 4.0 solution," commented Guy Bernstein, CEO of Magic Software. "This aligns with our strategy of enhancing our portfolio with Enterprise grade technologies. It also complements our recent acquisition of the low code platform PowWow for cross platform apps. Combining acquisitions with ongoing enhancements to core products enables Magic to further accelerate its growth by becoming a strong player in the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 revolutions."

FactoryEye offers dozens of prebuilt connectors to a range of enterprise applications and MRP systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards, and Infor, as well as MES, CRM, and PLM systems.