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Partnership promises performance gains

28 November 2022

GLOBAL ENGINEERING group SEGULA Technologies and scale-up company TEEPTRAK, a specialist in industrial performance monitoring, have entered into a partnership aimed at providing a 'strategy and performance' offer to manufacturers wishing to modernise their sites.

The implementation of performance indicators, based on the consolidation and analysis of data collected from the machines, assembly lines and workshops of a factory, is essential when it comes to measuring industrial production efficiency. SEGULA Technologies’ engineering departments they are constantly looking for cutting-edge solutions to aid in this.

The potential of the monitoring solutions developed by TEEPTRAK was identified in the framework of HeXplora, the industrial innovation project accelerator orchestrated by SEGULA. The flexibility and ease of installation, as well as the modularity of the proposed monitoring systems, which have already been tried and tested with 200 clients on four continents, with performance gains of at least 15%, have won over SEGULA's experts. The partnership illustrates SEGULA's constant desire to integrate ever more innovative solutions into its offering.

Founded in 2014, TEEPTRAK's mission is to make industrial performance measurement accessible to all through plug-and-play solutions that are ultra-competitive and made in France. Its offer includes several monitoring tools based on a combination of sensors, tablets and software accessible on a platform. It offers several thematic approaches: quality (QualTrak), machine performance monitoring (PerfTrak), analysis of industrial process data using an artificial intelligence algorithm (ProcessTrak) and real-time monitoring of manual tasks (PaceTrak).

TEEPTRAK solutions are compatible with virtually all types of industrial equipment, translated into more than 18 languages, and able to be installed and configured by users themselves – without the need to be integrated into their IT systems, but easily done. They can be installed in less than an hour and provide simple, useful visualizations for field teams to help them identify the causes of non-performance.

Accessible, these solutions deployed within numerous small and medium-sized companies, as well as at major industrial players such as Stellantis, Hutchinson, Savencia, Essilor or Alstom, have already proven their effectiveness, with significant gains in Overall Equipment Effectiveness and a return on investment that can be counted in a month.

"For us, improving performance and industrial efficiency are permanent challenges, regardless of the country, the sector concerned or the type of production. We therefore make sure that we integrate the most innovative and effective tools into our support offerings," explains Aurélien Tribolet, SEGULA's strategy and industrial performance manager. "With TEEPTRAK, we can offer manufacturers a turnkey, functional measurement tool which, with a suitable strategy, will help them to optimise their productivity without heavy investment.”

“This partnership with SEGULA, whose experience and expertise are deployed across all major industry sectors, is a sign of confidence and recognition of the solidity of our solutions, comments Guillaume Artigue, director of operations at TEEPTRAK. We want to prove that the transition to Industry 4.0 can be done in an accessible and simple way, with quick and tangible results."