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Lift sensor to cut false call out

22 November 2018

Leader in lift innovation, Avire, has launched a new elevator sensor, Lift HAWK, to cut false call out for lift engineers, saving both time and money.

Fitted on the top of the lift car, the Lift HAWK works with Avire’s Digital Communication Platform (DCP) or Memcom+ to remotely check the lift status without having to connect to the lift controller.

A common issue faced by many lift engineers is false call outs, where a lift is reported to be ‘out of service’, however, it’s simply ‘running on arrival’. This is clearly time consuming, costly and frustrating for the lift engineers. The HAWK enables maintenance companies to quickly and easily check to see if the lift is genuinely ‘out of service’ by moving it up or down a floor from a remote location.

What’s more, the HAWK is able to learn the lift’s typical activity within two weeks and autonomously perform tests during periods of prolonged inactivity, meaning issues are reported even before being discovered by the end user.

By using Avire’s market-leading cloud monitoring system, Avire Hub, specifically designed for the elevator industry, customers can easily initiate a test to move the lift through a secure platform. The results are reported back and presented via the Avire hub, offering maintenance engineers vital real time reporting.

Rob Lewis, Managing Director at Avire, said: “2018 has been an extremely busy and exciting year for Avire. The team has launched a range of new products such as Avire Hub and the Avire SIM card, as well as industry firsts including PRP Retrofit Display & Navigation Box and now Lift HAWK. We are extremely proud to launch the new Lift Hawk, and help our customers save time and money from reducing the amount of false call outs they attend per year. Our portfolio of new products maintains our position as global innovators within the elevator sector.”

The Avire hub

Customers can easily program and monitor their entire lift portfolios through the Avire hub, allowing them to gain real time feedback about their lift installation. Monitoring of product performance, remotely configuring devices and receiving up to date information on alarm calls are all features of our cloud platform. Supporting a range of Avire products including light curtains and LCD Displays users will be able to easily programme and monitor an increasing number of lift functions.