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Solutions beyond servo valves

11 June 2019

Known in automotive testing laboratories for its high-performance motion control products, solutions and services, and long-lasting servo valves, Moog is promoting its new electric multi-axis test systems (EMATS), the Moog Test Controller with new Data Acquisition Modules and a series of hydraulic, electric and hybrid actuators.

“Auto Test engineers need tools for a wide variety of fatigue and strength tests,” says Craig Lukomski, solutions commercialization manager for Simulation and Test at Moog. “Our EMATS is plug-and-play ready, requires no hydraulic oil and consumes energy only when a lab wants to run a test, so it’s less costly and cleaner to operate than hydraulic systems.”

Electric Multi-Axis Test Systems (EMATS) have become more commonplace in recent years because labs want to move away from the complex infrastructure, higher maintenance, and risk of leaks posed by hydraulic test systems. Moog developed its EMATS with the building blocks the company has used to design and manufacture previous test systems. EMATS employs leak-free electric actuators with servo motors that deliver improved motion-control performance over similarly sized, slower-responding hydraulic designs.

Moog’s new test controller includes two built-in, fully integrated data acquisition units (DAQ) that test lab operators can use to collect a few channels or dozens of channels during a test. These units include all the features for signal conditioning a wide variety of transducer signals.

“Moog’s test controller has built-in control loop compensators to automatically change command signals during a test, which means easier tuning during set up and completing accurate tests faster,” adds Lukomski.

For test rigs, actuation is a core component, and an actuator’s lifespan is linked to use and maintenance. But Moog can extend actuator operating life and reduce maintenance with four solutions for lab managers who are either expanding operations and buying new test rigs or reconditioning equipment.

  • Moog’s Hydraulic Servo Actuator, which is the workhorse for fatigue or structural-durability testing of, for example, automotive suspensions.
  • Moog’s Electro-Hydrostatic Pump Unit, or EPU, is the heart of an electric and hydraulic actuation system that offers hydraulic power under the command and control of electric servo motors for power only when a lab needs it.
  • Moog’s Electromechanical Actuator (EMA) is a durable, plug-and-play system generating forces up to 36,287 kg (80,000 lb) and speeds up to 41 cm/sec (16 in/sec).
  • Moog’s linear motor is a high-performance actuator that can provide input in excess of 100 Hz.

“We can show lab managers how these actuation technologies work seamlessly with our controller and EMATS,” says Lukomski. “If a test lab conducts strength and fatigue testing and is upgrading or expanding a lab, or just protecting against obsolescence, Moog has the complete solution.”