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Medium payload AMRs

07 December 2023

OMRON HAS launched the MD-650 and MD-900 medium-payload (650kg and 900kg) autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Designed to provide greater efficiency in material transfer with medium-duty payloads and integrated control technology, the new series increases OMRON’s range of autonomous robots to meet the needs of a wide variety of part and material transport applications.

A key feature of the MD-series AMRs is its high speed and safety, with top-level transfer speed in the medium payload range, and its obstacle avoidance algorithm. The system is based on implementing several thousands of mobile robots at manufacturing sites around the world, making it the result of proven experience.

The new system operates smoothly even in narrow aisles with a maximum speed of 2.2 m/sec in case of MD-650 and 1.8m/sec in MD-900, advanced navigation functions, and obstacle avoidance algorithms. In addition, the introduction of advanced battery and charging technology enables 8 hours of operation on a 30-minute charge for MD-650, and 7.5 hours in case of MD-900.

It has integrated control of all mobile robots using proprietary software. A single system can provide integrated transfer routes for up to 100 mobile robots with different payloads and control the transfer sequence in real time. The advanced linkage within a single system enables the real-time routing, even for inter-process transfers at different production speeds, to achieve efficient transfers with minimal retention.

Miguel Garcés, mobile robotics business development manager at OMRON Europe, said: “Manufacturing sites today focus on productivity and quality, while creating workplaces that reduce the physical burden on workers. In automotive manufacturing for example, automating part and material transport operations is key. This includes the movement of heavy work-in-process products and finished products, as well as the frequent inter-process transfers of small lots of WIP material in high-mix, low-volume production systems. Autonomous mobile robots, with smart fleet management software, can take over these heavy and repetitive tasks”.

The MD-series is designed with a high level of safety in accordance with international standard ISO3691-4*3 (enacted in 2020), the latest safety standard for driverless industrial trucks and their systems.

OMRON's existing lineup of mobile robots ranges from 60 to 1500 kg, and the MD-650 and MD-900 provide a new mid-weight range option (650 kg / 900 kg). Their unique control technology enables safe and smooth transport that can be easily implemented at production sites where people and machines work in the same area.

The unique OMRON Fleet Manager software enables integrated control of up to 100 mobile robots on a single system, eliminates the need for multiple fleet management systems, and automatically selects the optimal mobile robot for each process based on payload and availability.

OMRON will continue to develop safe and high-quality mobile robots and proprietary software control to help reduce the burden of material transport in diverse industries. OMRON’s goal is to create automation solutions that maximize the value of people and contribute to a prosperous future for individuals, industries, and the environment.