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Online drive specification configurator

15 May 2019

Stober Drives has released its new online Configurator, an innovative tool that allows motion control and power transmission drive designers and engineers to create their own drive specification.

The powerful Configurator has the most popular 3rd party servo motor brands inside for quick selection of a Stober gear unit to suit, or users can take the complete Stober Geared Motor Solution.

This latest development from the Stober drive and automation experts is part of its strategy to provide customers with comprehensive support through its digital services.

The new Configurator allows mechanical and design engineers to save a considerable amount of time, as until now, they had to gather and compare extensive manufacturer-specific documents. Now, they can use this new online tool to quickly and easily construct the right solution from gear units, geared motors, motors, drive controllers, motion controllers and matching software.

The intuitive and practically designed interface, allows users to quickly design their own unique solution in real time with just a few clicks. Numerous filters and comparison options are available within the online Configurator to make this easy.

For example, users can compare components by price, power density, backlash, speed, and depending on which filter is set, the best solution is displayed automatically. Users can then configure this result to suit their specific project needs. In the case of geared motors, for example, users will find a selection of versions for the output shaft or hollowbore, housing and even mounting position.

The latest Stober motor technologies are all selectable, including its Lean Motor sensor-less design, Synchronous Servo, all with or without gear units, as well as Ballscrew and Rack Pinion Solutions.

Within the Configurator software, design engineers can also gain direct access to technical data sheets, as well as dimensional drawings and 3D models for immediate download. Selected items can then be quoted directly from Stober for your application.

The finished selection can also be saved for later use and shared with others. This makes selecting the ideal Stober product combination extremely easy.

To try out the new Stober Configurator, visit https://configurator.stober.com