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Red Dot 2022 for transport robot

11 April 2022

TRANSPORT ROBOTICS specialist, ek robotics, has been awarded the Red Dot 2022 design award in the Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Automation category for the VARIO MOVE variable-purpose automated guided vehicle (AGV).

During the development of the VARIO MOVE, the ek robotics engineers, together with the designer Meike Hahr from Creative Specialists, deliberately focused on curves and a friendly appearance of the vehicle. Right from the start, people experience the transport robot as a co-worker and not as a disruptive factor. Easy-to-open flaps and covers make maintenance easier, and an elaborate sensor system ensures maximum safety during operation.

"Our goal was to develop an appealing and smart design that at the same time conveys our new distinctive corporate design," says Andreas Böttner, CEO of ek robotics. "Since the launch of VARIO MOVE, we have received positive feedback from customers using the vehicle. With the Red Dot Award 2022, we see our approach fully confirmed."

As an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), the VARIO MOVE is guided by a programmed course and helps customers achieve greater efficiency in the automated flow of materials and goods. The outstanding feature of the VARIO MOVE is that it can be variably configured from a large pool of standardised components. Depending on the application profile, the AGV can be equipped with different chassis, various load handling devices and all major navigation technologies available on the market. This results in a wealth of possible combinations is one of the strengths of ek robotics.