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Ultimo & XMReality partner

15 March 2022

ULTIMO AND and XMReality have launched a partnership to help customers improve efficiency and increase safety in field maintenance jobs.

Swedish-based XMReality is a remote support platform that allows people to connect with colleagues or external experts to guide, inspect, verify or troubleshoot. The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider Ultimo helps technical services and maintenance professionals gain better control over their assets. The partnership will enhance and simplify how on-site tasks are executed in Ultimo.

XMReality is dedicated to improving and simplifying the way knowledge is transferred globally. Its remote support solution allows instructors and operators to see what a colleague sees on the site, enabling them to provide personal guidance as if they were by their side. Ultimo is a leading EAM software provider from the Netherlands. Its cloud platform helps technical services maximise asset availability and increase labour productivity. By working together, the companies further accelerate how maintenance jobs are executed.

Patrick Beekman, partner solution manager at Ultimo, commented: “XMReality makes remote field support easy, with no need to have experts physically visit the site. This saves time for asset-intensive companies with a large mobile workforce. By connecting Ultimo with XMReality, executing a work order from Ultimo becomes even easier, helping customers optimise communication and improve the efficiency of their maintenance processes.”

Jörgen Remmelg, CEO of XMReality, added: “Our respective software solutions fit well together and our business models are very similar. I strongly believe the combined product will be well received by the market. XMReality also gain a new sales channel from this partnership.”