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Advanced asset and maintenance management

24 April 2023

IFS ULTIMO'S Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform has been selected by Orkla to manage activities for projects at its site in Filipstad, Sweden. The facility currently uses the cloud-based software solution to ensure that administrative assignments and maintenance tasks at the site are carried out efficiently and effectively. Further functions of the software will be rolled out to other departments within the organisation at a later date.

As one of the leading operators of brands and concept solutions for supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries and catering, Orkla has 15 production facilities in Sweden. These are mainly focused on food and hygiene products. The company has set the objective of contributing towards resolving global health and environmental challenges, through developing healthier food products, reducing food waste, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and launching products that contribute to a circular economy. It needed a new software solution to match such ambitions, having relied on the same computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) for 25 years.

“Our old CMMS system was unable to keep up with the organisation's evolving requirements, as we looked to achieve full-scale digital transformation at our Filipstad site,” explained Jack Delang, process improvement manager at Orkla. “We were experiencing unexpected system breakdowns, which led to costly disruption. We needed a user-friendly platform to help us streamline maintenance projects and help us grow as a company.”

Orkla first heard about IFS Ultimo through joint partner Good Solutions. Since partnering with Good Solutions, IFS Ultimo has been expanding further in the Nordic region, gaining greater local knowledge of customers’ requirements there and providing them with a local point of contact.

“IFS Ultimo has powerful features to manage preventive maintenance and maintenance plans and can play a huge role in becoming a part of Manufacturing Operations Management. Alongside this, in comparison to competitors, IFS Ultimo is better developed as a company, with great responsiveness, personal contact and reliable support. The potential with IFS Ultimo solution and their overall professional organisational approach were the main reasons for our choice,” Delang added.

Featuring innovative technologies and functionalities, the software helps optimise maintenance management allowing the customer to have more control and structure over their assets, to gain greater understanding to empower decision-making and deliver results and to improve cost control.

Delang concluded: “We are up and running with Ultimo for one month now, almost effortlessly. We are impressed with the structure and responsiveness and all the flexible possibilities of changing the fundamental structure. This way, it can be applied in the best way to suit the organisation’s needs. Customer satisfaction from the project team has been very high since the first discussions which is a big compliment to the IFS Ultimo team. I’m looking forward to the upcoming period when we can start to apply new functions of IFS Ultimo to the maintenance department, and later on to the larger organisation that hasn’t had the possibility to use the software yet.”

“We are thrilled that Orkla has chosen IFS Ultimo’s EAM platform for use in its Filipstad site. By working with us, Orkla is laying the foundation for achieving increased efficiency in project tasks, while also lowering maintenance costs,” said Marco Parnela, business development manager at IFS Ultimo. “This is just the start for Orkla. Implementing the software across other departments in the near future will lead to improved cooperation between the operators and the maintenance department.”