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Back in stock! Unmanaged switches 1000 and 1100

03 August 2023

ARE YOU facing challenges in sourcing the right products due to supply chain issues? Don't worry there's good news. We at Phoenix Contact have been working intensively on the availability of our products. Now we're thrilled to announce that our unmanaged switches 1000 and 1100 for your automation applications are back in stock. 

The FL SWITCH 1000 and 1100 series of unmanaged switches are the latest generation in our portfolio of unmanaged Ethernet switches. These switches are suitable for many automation applications and feature different transmission speeds and installation options.

Phoenix Contact's new generation of unmanaged ethernet switches from FL Switch 1000 series offer a narrower housing, greater port density, and best-in-class automation protocol traffic prioritisation.

With the help of a unique mounting accessory, the FL Switch 1000 series can also be mounted flat on the DIN rail, enabling use in small or flat cabinets with little space. Thanks to Energy Efficient Ethernet, these switches will also feature a reduced power consumption, which will lessen heat and the overall footprint of the device.    

To find out more visit: www.phoenixcontact.com