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Decentralised drive package

17 January 2022

WEG HAS announced availability of a decentralised drive package, consisting of WG20-series gear units, EUSAS motors and a MW500 variable speed drive (VSD). Compared with traditional drives, this compact and decentralised package provides lower energy consumption and a compact footprint, as well as improved flexibility, reports the company.

The decentralised drive package can be used for a broad spectrum of applications, including machines in intralogistics, such as warehouse systems and conveyor belts. Other potential applications include speed-controlled fans, pumps and filling systems, which are common-place in the food industry.

Members of the MW500 VSD family can be used for a range of applications in the 0.12 to 9.2 kW range for line voltages of 380–480 V. The equipment is also available in three frame sizes (A, B and C), and from 0.12 to 1.5 kW for 200–240 V with WEG’s WG20 geared motor series, which is available in models with helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear units.

When the WG20 gear unit in this setup is connected to a EUSAS integral motor from WEG, this offers a wide range of advantages for the user, because the EUSAS motor operated in frequency inverter mode (100/120 Hz characteristics) offers double the power at a constant torque.

“By combining the MW500 VSD and the WG20 gear unit with a EUSAS integral motor, we’re demonstrating just how compact, powerful and efficient decentralised drive solutions can be,” explained Norbert Reisner, head of product engineering at WEG subsidiary Watt Drive.

These motors can be deployed in Europe, the USA or in Asia, since they support a broad range of voltages and offer the option of voltage switching. Plus, as with all WG20-series geared motors, the EUSAS motor can control each individual drive in frequency inverter mode, varying its speed according to what the application requires.

The heavy-duty housing design for the MW500 with an IP66 and NEMA 4X rating means the VSD can be used outdoors. It can be attached directly to the motor terminal box frame or to the wall, it’s suitable for outdoor applications. This removes the need for motor cabling and the switch cabinet, which reduces the effort and costs for installation and commissioning.

The MW500 also comes with an energy-saving feature, which enables the motor voltage to be reduced when loads are light. This offers significant energy savings, especially for partial loads.