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New high-performance VSD

10 May 2022

IN LINE with its ethos of producing energy efficient equipment, leader in electric motor and variable speed drive (VSD) technologies, WEG has launched a new high-performance VSD – the CFW900.

With a simplified design, increased power density and ease-of-use that allows the user to access configurations and technical data in a fast and simple way, the CFW900 provides a multitude of benefits. The VSD comes with an advanced energy saving function, high operating ranges, safety functions and increased productivity when implemented in a range of industrial applications.

The CFW900 is more compact for ease of installation inside electrical panels and is focused on being more efficient for all applications. The CFW900 has a built-in feature — making it easier to implement WEG’s Motion Fleet Management (MFM) system, which allows for online monitoring and maintenance management of the industrial drive fleet.

Optimised performance

This new model also features an ethernet port, giving the drive the ability to publish relevant drive data on the MFM system and provide a means to optimise its operation and maintenance features. What’s more, the CFW900 also works with a range of systems to assist the user with managing their VSD — with a smart management system, it is now possible to adjust the behaviour of the inverter according to load, supply voltage and ambient temperature variations, ensuring optimised performance under different conditions.

In addition, the CFW900 is compatible with the new EcoDrive app which allows users to monitor, set parameters, program, and simulate the efficiency of their system. This VSD also has the capacity to communicate data directly with the cloud and has increased data and information protection.

“Following the introduction of the new regulations set out by European lawmakers last year, WEG is continuing to design VSDs that look one step beyond regulatory laws and keep greater energy efficiency in mind,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East marketing manager at WEG. “With the addition of the CFW900 to the CFW family, we wanted to offer a VSD with optimum connectivity so that users can experience increased productivity, ease-of-use and practicality in any application.”

Like previous models, the CFW900 includes the integrated safety provisions of Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1) — when activated, these features stop any unintended starting of machinery and prevent uncontrolled stops, giving additional safety to the operator using the product.