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Free app helps assess & control workforce infection risk

26 March 2020

Andea, the developer of the cloud-based Manufacturo platform, is offering a FREE app to help manufacturing companies better cope with the coronavirus pandemic challenges. The app allows for rapid risk assessment of employee infection risks and can be deployed quickly to all factory workers.

As coronavirus sweeps across the world, manufacturers have been dealing with rising fears and trying to keep their plants safe and running. In some cases, closing factories have been unavoidable. The full extent of the economic impact of such unplanned closures is unknown, but its consequences have already hammered stock prices. Minimizing the coronavirus’s effect on the company means rapidly diagnosing employees with the virus or those in the risk group. As the virus transmits easily, big companies need to make informed decisions quickly. That is why Andea, developer of the Manufacturo solution, has created an app to help manufacturers handle this unprecedented crisis.

The Manufacturo COVID-19 app was thoughtfully designed to quickly and effectively assess the quarantine needs of employees. The app gathers all the essential information: current symptoms, recent travels, general health, and potentially related disorders, to evaluate employee infection risks. The aim is to help management decide whether workers should be quarantined or not. Thus, giving managers more valuable time to adjust production schedules ahead of time - deciding whether to shut down a plant or to adapt manufacturing with the available workforce, ensuring a safe workplace.

The COVID-19 app is available for FREE. In times of global pandemic and economic challenges, Andea has vowed to help other businesses handle the crisis and decided to provide it free of charge. To get the app, companies need to register on the Manufacturo website. All sensitive company and employee data is confidential and will not be used by Andea nor shared with any third parties.

“We cannot stop a pandemic, but we can give our best to help control it. We believe that by putting this application into use, we will help companies combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and better manage this unprecedented crisis," says Pawel Mierzwa, VP & Co-Founder at Andea.

To get the app register here: www.manufacturo.com/covid19-app