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Online training for continuous casting bearing selection

04 June 2021

THE NSK academy online platform now features a new training module: continuous casting. Added to the steels & metals section of the portal, the latest module will appeal to anyone involved in specifying bearings to withstand the harsh working environments found in continuous casting applications.

The extreme operating conditions of continuous casting machines mean that it is easy to compromise the reliability and service life of bearings without undue care and attention in the selection process. Challenges include heat, heavy loads, ultra-low speeds and roll deflection, not to mention the application’s most common bearing failure mode: differential sliding/sliding friction.

At the start of the new training module, participants learn more about the continuous casting process and the machinery involved, with a particular focus on twin-strand technology. An in-depth look at the bearings follows, especially spherical roller bearings and their ability to accommodate heavy loads, misalignment and thermal expansion of the shaft - and how these bearing types deal with the fundamental issue of sliding.

NSK’s new training module also covers cylindrical roller bearings. The cylindrical roller contact pattern provides the advantage of pure rolling, again preventing any wear induced by sliding friction to ensure reliability and long service life.

Ultimately, the latest training module provides essential understanding of the fundamental principles behind bearing selection for continuous casting applications. Anyone working in the continuous casting arena, from sales, technical support and R&D, through to maintenance and engineering, is set to benefit.

As with all training modules available at NSK academy, registered users completing the course will require an 80% pass mark to receive a certificate.

At a time when online/remote learning is more relevant than ever due to the ongoing pandemic, the NSK academy can help platform users expand on the knowledge they apply on a daily basis, and utilise the latest NSK bearing solutions to maximise machine life.

The module can be found at www.nskacademy.com (a quick and easy registration process is required for new users).