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World's first liquid-cooled IE5 SynRM motor

18 March 2024

ABB IS reported to have achieved a world first for its IE5 SynRM (synchronous reluctance motor) series with the launch of a new version that combines the benefits of ultra-premium energy efficiency with highly effective liquid cooling. The new design is said to set a new benchmark for high power output and reliability in a compact footprint.

Customers can use IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors to save energy costs and cut emissions in new projects or as a drop-in replacement for less efficient motors. They are suited to a wide range of industries including marine propulsion, rubber and plastics production, and food and beverage.

A major advantage of the IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors is that they are much more efficient than the traditional liquid-cooled induction motors in current use that offer significant potential for upgrading with energy-saving technology. Energy efficiency is crucial to optimising the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an electric motor because the cost of the energy to run it throughout its life accounts for around 97% of a motor’s TCO, with the purchase cost accounting for about two percent. IE5 motors have 40% lower energy losses than commonly used IE3 motors. This makes the payback time for selecting an IE5 instead of an IE3 motor often less than one year.