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Cost-effective rotary drive

20 August 2013

New from Festo is a cost-effective semi rotary drive with twin pistons that offers high levels of precision, stiffness and loadability. Using an innovative bearing system, the DRRD actuator can handle higher loads with exceptional accuracy, enabling engineers and OEMs to improve the performance of their equipment.

In addition, integrated external shock absorbers increase the maximum mass moment of inertia by up to four times compared with previous technologies. As a result, engineers can move higher loads with greater dynamics or specify a smaller drive to move the same load, therefore saving space and cost in their machine.

The new DRRD actuator combines the bearing and flange into one functional element and as such features a larger bearing size giving increased stiffness of the whole product. The rotary drive provides torque up to 110Nm and rotation up to 200°. In addition, it has a mid-position so it can be stopped at any angle between 0 and 90°, thus increasing flexibility for machine builders.

Rotary actuators are often sized using torque rather than inertia, but this has the potential to cause premature failure in traditional technologies with internal damping. Festo’s DRRD features external damping which enables users to turn higher loads and stop more accurately, providing a longer-lasting, more robust and reliable solution.

The DRRD is available in a large range of variants giving customers maximum choice of drive to best suit their application. Options include an end lock variant, which provides a safety function in safety critical applications. The DRRD can be fitted with inductive or magnetic sensors to offer position feedback. An IP65-rated sealed variant is also available giving protection against the ingress of fluid for reliable operation in harsh environments.

The rotary actuators are suited to precise positioning in handling applications across a wide range of industries including food manufacturing and process and packaging.

"At Festo we have extensive knowledge of the challenges faced in handling applications and have developed the new DRRD rotary drive with an excellent price/performance ratio,” says Nigel Dawson, product manager at Festo. "The high stiffness, precision, inbuilt shock absorbers and external damping options mean that the DRRD can turn higher loads than alternative drive systems and stop more accurately, bringing rotation function to a new high level of performance and flexibility."