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Unmanaged switches

29 August 2014

Used to connect Ethernet terminal devices, Murrelektronik's new TREE67 switches – equipped with four or eight M12 ports – are suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments. They make it possible to cost-effectively implement decentralised machine concepts in star topologies.

The new IP67 switches are immune to EMC interference and resistant to vibrations. They work flawlessly in applications with a wide temperature range: from -25°C to 60°C.

The four or eight M12 connections (d-coded) support transfer rates of 10 or 100 MBit/s. With the auto-negotiation function, the devices automatically detect which rate is currently needed. VLAN tagged Profinet frames always have the right of way, they are automatically prioritized in the traffic.

The switches themselves do not need much power. A nearby fieldbus module (for example MVK Metal or Impact67) with an unused M12 port (a-coded) is extremely useful. In this case, the TREE67 can be connected with a standard sensor cable – a very cost-effective solution. A short-circuit in neighboring sensors does not impair this power supply solution because Murrelektronik fieldbus ports switch off only the affected channel.

TREE67 is an unmanaged switch - it does not need to be configured. This makes it possible to connect different devices that can be quickly and conveniently connected according to the plug & play principle. An auto-crossing function automatically detects which cables are connected to the ports. This eliminates wiring errors. The power supply is redundantly designed and ensures reliable operation.

TREE67 features integrated LEDs for visual control during operation and give updates on data rate and operating condition.