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Custom motor design

28 April 2015

As a motor manufacturer for over 40 years, Aerotech can work with you to design a custom motor that is optimum for your application. To minimise cost, we will consider customising one of our standard designs. If this will not meet your needs, a completely new design will be implemented.

As an example, let’s consider our wasp. The wasp legs have both rotary and linear motion that may require special motor designs. For the rotary motion, an Aerotech S-series motor (brushless servomotor with an aperture) could be customised to fit the dimensions of the joint while providing the necessary torque. We will design the magnetic field and coil structure to have the appropriate length, and the inside and outside diameters to meet the dimensional requirements, as well as the torque requirements.

Other factors we would consider in the design would be the necessary electrical characteristics such as bus voltage and current available on your machine, and the speed necessary in the application.

In regard to linear motion, we would customise one of our linear motors. Just as in the rotary design, the mechanical characteristics (length, width, height, and force) as well as the necessary electrical characteristics (bus voltage, resistance, inductance, and current) would be considered in the design to meet your specific application needs.

Aerotech can accommodate your needs for custom motors even for low-volume applications. If you have an application that requires minor customisation, or a completely new design, contact Aerotech.