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Intelligent motors

27 April 2016

Available through OEM Automatic, iMOT17 is Technosoft’s family of size 42mm (NEMA17) motors with integrated electronics, containing a brushless or stepper motor, encoder, servo drive and motion controller, all in one compact unit.

With options from 64mm to 102mm in length and up to 0.3Nm continuous torque, the motor incorporates a 4096 pulses per revolution encoder for accurate position feedback.

To be as compact as possible the connectors for power (12-48Vdc), I/O (up to 5 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 1 analogue input) and network have been orientated towards the front to help reduce the overall length, options are for either circular M8 and M12 (TM version) or rectangular (XM) connectors.

For single and multi-axis applications, the intelligent motor can operate as a slave on CANopen or EtherCAT network executing motion sequences received from the master controller or standalone operation with stored complex motion sequences programmed via TML (Technosoft Motion Language) in the EasyMotion Studio software.  Motion libraries are also available (C/C++/ Delphi / VB / LabVIEW).

Available with a series of high quality planetary gearboxes, the iMOT17 intelligent motor range has been designed specifically for precise, repeatable positioning applications where a cost effective and compact solution is required.