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Process monitoring at every level

17 June 2016

There is a much hackneyed phrase that is so much a part of our everyday vocabulary that we often view it with suspicion or dismiss it altogether. Surprisingly, the term in question has been around since the 1930’s when it was first used to describe - ‘a business model offering customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location’.

We may not like the phrase but the principle is sound and, when it comes to process systems, it is a key consideration. As a total solution provider, Turck Banner offers significant benefits to system builders and end users alike.

The role of Turck Banner in the systems market is to offer design and integration expertise based upon a vast range of quality products including HMI’s, Bus Systems, RFID, Ex Interface, Lighting, Indication, Cables, Connectors and Sensors.

The compatibility of component parts in a system is crucial. Customers require complete handshake compatibility within their system, eliminating problems such as the remote IO not talking to the PLC. Turck Banner is able to provide this assurance. Furthermore, single point ordering greatly alleviates compatibility and delivery issues. Over 90% of the parts used on a system are Turck Banner’s own products.

Customer’s requirements vary greatly, from a single component to a complete system. Whatever the need, Turck Banner is able to provide the appropriate level of support.

From its vast range of sensor products Turck Banner is able to satisfy the demands of process monitoring in safe and Ex hazardous areas, in particular the most commonly requested disciplines of flow, temperature and pressure. The company also offers ultrasonic and capacitive sensors for level control and dual position inductive types for valve position monitoring.

An important consideration in any system is that of connectivity. A comprehensive range of safe, reliable cables and connectors, in industry specified materials, complete the range.

By now you would almost certainly have deduced that the overused phrase was ‘One Stop Shop’. This was used initially to describe the first supermarket, as we know it today but now widely used for on-line shopping and information websites.

The Turck Banner approach takes this one step further: Peter Gardner, Managing Director says “supplying a complete range of component parts is only part of the story. Supplying a system means supplying a complete solution to the customer’s problem. At Turck Banner we offer support every step of the way, from initial site survey to the fully functional design”.