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Sustainability germinates at Turck Banner

04 January 2023

FOR MANY years Turck Banner has worked with customers to improve efficiency across a huge range of applications, from saving energy using LED lighting, through to identifying areas for improvement with OEE Kits.

A large proportion of the company's vast product range can be used in projects that fall within the category of sustainability, and although as a company Turck Banner is not specifically on an 'eco crusade', it does recognise the important role it can play in supporting the environment.

Throughout the lifetime of Turck Banner, the business has supported many charities, and for 2023 has embarked upon an initiative to plant trees. While there are many great charities and organisations set up to plant trees all across the world, Turck Banner has chosen to partner with Trees for Life, a charity established 25 years ago, dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. The target is to plant a grove of 2023 trees throughout 2023.

Turck Banner will plant at least one tree for every project it is involved with, if it fits the sustainability category. Because its customer base includes everyone from the corner shop to huge multinationals, the business has not set a fixed monetary criterion – i.e. one tree for every X number of pounds – rather, it intends to plant a tree for all of them, regardless of the size of the project. Should the target be exceeded, all further donations will be used in supporting Trees for Life’s other projects.

Turck Banner's grove can be seen at https://treesforlife.org.uk/groves/426450/

The following are some examples of projects that fall within the sustainability category.

Eliminating control cabinets:

Many Turck Banner products, which would typically require mounting in a control cabinet, have been hardened with extended temperature ranges and sealed to IP68 and IP69k. This facilitates mounting directly on the machine, without the need for heating or cooling to protect them from the work environment. Thus eliminating both the cost of the control cabinet and the recurring costs of heating and cooling.

Rejuvenating legacy machines:

Most brownfield sites have many machines that are functioning well, but without the data output that is common on newer equipment. This data is critical in assessing the efficiency of the machine, to identify areas where improvements can be made and to provide condition monitoring to avoid unplanned downtime. Turck Banner has all the products necessary to enhance a machine, and provide the crucial data without interfering with the established control system.

Reducing downtime and waste:

Monitoring the condition – primarily temperature and vibration – of moving parts in equipment and utilising learning algorithms to predict when a part requires maintenance can significantly reduce costs. Repairing a part before a catastrophic failure also reduces waste; the maintenance can be scheduled which eliminates unplanned downtime and the unnecessary costs of emergency repairs, which often include special transportation of both people and equipment, adding to the environmental impact.

Highlighting Turck Banner's sustainability ethos, managing director, Tony Coghlan, said: "We have a huge amount of experience with these projects and are confident in the ROI, so it just feels right to be able to support both our customers and the environment."