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With SSI & DPI/IP Interface

10 October 2016

Balluff has enhanced its line of magnetostrictive Micropulse transducers with two new versions. With the BTL7-S5 and the BTL7-P511 the company is offering two new systems in the profile housing with SSI and DPI/IP interface.

Designed for long stroke lengths of up to 7620mm, these non-contact and absolute measuring systems provide synchronous data transmission for high-accuracy machine positioning with a resolution of 1µm. They feature a sampling rate of up to 4 kHz for especially fast measurement data acquisition. Installation and startup are accomplished in less time. Thanks to the rugged IP67 full aluminum housing no additional protection measures are necessary.

In a positioning system with synchronized SSI interface data acquisition is synchronized to the external clock of the controller. This allows the controller to perform optimal speed calculations. Ideal applications include precise position measurement in such demanding tasks as simultaneous measurement of axis position and speed on a press.

The digital DPI/IP pulse interface is compatible with controllers from most manufacturers and ensures reliable signal transmission. In presses and stamping machines the position measurement system simultaneously and reliably measures the axis position of load and molding stroke movement.