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Ramp soak options

20 February 2017

Enabling users to reduce costs by easily changing or adding functionality to meet industrial requirements without inventory stocking, Red Lion Controls has enhanced its advanced PAX 2C PID controllers to feature new Ramp Soak capabilities and FlexCard plug-in options.

Unlike competitive models that must be ordered with functionality factory installed, Red Lion’s PAX2C PID controllers offer flexible PID control options for process and temperature applications that require local control across automation processes.

For instance, the new Ramp Soak capabilities allow users the ability to change and hold machine temperature – either up or down – for a specific time period. The PAX2C controllers feature 16 different profiles and enable 20 step changes to adjust the temperature or process control for a range of industries that include factory automation, packaging, metal processing, and food and beverage.

In addition to added Ramp Soak functionality, the following field-installable FlexCard options allow organisations to quickly customise PAX2C PID controllers to add communication, setpoints, retransmitted analogue, heater current monitor, second analog input and second PID control features:

  • Heater Current Monitor Card: measures heater currents to allow proactive health monitoring and maintainance, thereby helping to remove excess waste in production environments.
  • Second Process Input Card: supports programming for several functions, including serving as either a process input that acts like a separate panel meter or a remote setpoint that allows a remote input to change the setpoint value of the controller. It also provides the capability to easily add another PID controller to each unit.

“To meet the needs of numerous PID control applications, our newly enhanced PAX2C PID controllers offer benefits to users who need flexible equipment that supports display reading at any point in the process,” said Jeff Thornton, product manager at Red Lion Controls. “The real savings comes through when our PID controllers are tailored to specific applications by adding option cards. This enables customers to reduce overall support inventory with a versatile solution that meets a multitude of PID control requirements today and tomorrow.” 

Red Lion’s Crimson programmed PAX2C PID controllers are dual-line displays that change color based on process status, alerting when a value is out of a specified range. With universal process inputs and AC/DC power input, PAX2C controllers accept DC current, DC voltages, process signals, thermocouples and RTD inputs to provide an all-in-one platform that eases integration. Additional features include a large LCD display with easy-to-read bar graphs, programmable annunciators, up to 16 alarms and a built-in USB programming port. Red Lion’s advanced PAX2C modular platform provides an easy upgrade path that enables integrators and panel builders to reduce inventory requirements while increasing application support.