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Digital load cell

28 June 2017

New from HBM, the PW15iA digital load cell offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to automated applications and features a range of integrated functions – including algorithms for check weighing, filling and batching – which eliminates the need to undertake these functions separately and development times can be reduced.  

Compatible with industry standard dimensions (SP4M footprint), the load cell can also be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems, without any additional construction effort, minimising costly downtime.

Featuring an OIML certificate for C3, and a maximum scale division of Y up to 10,000, the new PW15iA dramatically improves speed whilst reducing overall costs, thereby increasing profitability.

Designed to achieve a degree of IP68/IP69 protection, the PW15iA is an extremely robust load cell which is housed in stainless steel and is compatible with all cleaning agents and disinfectant agents, which are commonly used in the production process.

Precise, durable and reliable, the PW15iA from HBM can deal masterfully with malfunctions and can be integrated seamlessly into most existing designs. Suitable for a wide range of applications, which include packaging machinery; the PW15iA is also suitable for automated batching and even underwater measurement applications and is the perfect solution where speed and precision is a key consideration.