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New tool simplifies user interface creation in Sherlock

06 July 2017

Teledyne DALSA has added a new easy-to use GUI builder tool to its Sherlock advanced machine vision software platform. This greatly simplifies the creation of a custom front ends using a simple drag and drop approach.

The GUI Builder helps simplify deployment of Sherlock applications by developing custom runtime interfaces without having to program using Microsoft Visual Studio. It is available in addition to the traditional method of interface design using DALSA’s Sherlock ActiveX control.

GUI’s are designed on a page canvas by dragging and dropping the required controls from the control toolbox. Each control has customisable properties that associate with variables, images and features of the Sherlock program.

An interface created with GUI Builder can do the following:

  • Run the vision program
  • Display images from the vision program
  • Read and write data in the vision program
  • Display static text and images (company logos, etc.)
  • Control access with a password
  • Perform automatic switching among vision programs and GUIs

Supplied free with each purchase of Sherlock, the GUI builder is provided in 32 and 64-bit versions for Windows 7 or 10. It comes as a separate installation for PC users and is pre- installed on all of the GEVA range of multi-camera industrial vision solutions.

Sherlock is an extremely popular and flexible imaging development environment for vision integrators. It provides a versatile, scalable environment for use on PC-based vision systems and the Vision Appliance range of multi-camera industrial vision solutions. Sherlock is also supplied in embedded versions for Boa smart cameras. Its rich suite of proven vision tools and advanced algorithms can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications.

Sherlock can be used with cameras from other manufacturers, since hardware independent image acquisition can be provided through STEMMER IMAGING’s own Common Vision Blox (CVB) imaging toolkit. CVB also provides specialist recognition and selection tools such as CVB Minos and CVB Manto as plug-ins to the Sherlock environment. This close collaboration ensures that STEMMER IMAGING can provide comprehensive technical support for Sherlock.

For more information visit www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk