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Cutting-edge automation and robotics

17 April 2024

RECOGNISED FOR bringing industrial automation and robotics to life, Automation UK returns to the CBS Arena in Coventry on 18-19 June.

From showcasing the very latest innovative technologies and solutions, to providing an abundance of thought-provoking seminars where visitors can soak up the knowledge and be inspired to improve their own businesses, the wide spectrum of features in the show ensures it delivers something for everyone. The free-to-attend event also provides many great networking opportunities where visitors can both develop new contacts and build on existing contacts.

Automation UK provides a platform for automation and robotics technologies to be demonstrated throughout the hall, giving visitors a vast array of opportunities to see for themselves what can be achieved. An impressive list of well-known companies will be showcasing their cutting-edge products and services including robots, robotics systems, systems integration, automation control parts and systems, and sensor and machine safety. The leading experts from the exhibiting companies will be eager to answer questions, provide technical guidance and recommendations on the most suitable solutions for specific needs as well as highlight the advantages their solutions can bring to businesses.

Integrating these remarkable technologies offers many benefits including enhanced productivity through accelerating production, increased operational flexibility, a safer work environment, an ability to manage routine tasks efficiently, an attractive return on investment, and innovative solutions to address labour shortages. When combined, all of these benefits can deliver significant business improvements and enable the business to thrive in the future.

Throughout the two-day show, visitors will be treated to a broad range of inspiring seminar sessions delivered by the industry leading speakers. These captivating sessions will provide visitors with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to take away and digest how it can be used to deliver benefits to their business.

In between fascinating presentations, visiting numerous interesting companies showcasing their products and services, experiencing live demos, and hearing about new product launches, there are many opportunities to meet new contacts and develop existing business relationships. These can be mutually beneficial for sharing knowledge, industry insights and problem solving.