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Developer’s kit for machine builders

08 March 2021

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has released a comprehensive OEM developer’s kit aimed at both first-time automation users and experienced engineers.

The kit consists of a PLC, HMI and programming software that can be used to develop new machines for a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. With expanded technical support resources, this easy-to-use starter pack can help to create innovative industrial automation systems in a variety of applications.

The OEM Developer’s Kit includes the premium, compact MELSEC iQ-F FX5U PLC, which combines advanced functionalities and high adaptability with an easy to program setup. The controller is complemented by a GOT2000 HMI to monitor and visualise automated processes as well as key equipment. In addition, users are provided with a copy of the MELSOFT iQ Works2 integrated engineering software suite to support coding and programming activities. The kit can also be expanded to use safety modules to support more advanced application requirements.

Machine builders will gain access to an extensive, dedicated technical library and centralised data repository to support the development of new systems. Resources such as e-learning courses, start-up guides and videos, template projects as well as examples of programming code for key applications will also be included.

Barry Weller, OEM solutions manager at Mitsubishi Electric, says: “We are always exploring new ways of making it easier and more cost-efficient for machine builders to create automated systems and improve manufacturing operations. The new kit is a great solution to help reduce design and development time.

“This kit brings together our latest hardware and software plus the technical resources needed to use the products and provides users with what is required to go from never having used an automation product to delivering a successful project.”