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Farnell expands offering of energy-saving products

06 December 2023

IN RESPONSE to the escalating challenges posed by increasing energy costs and ambitious net-zero targets, Farnell has announced the expansion of its offering of energy-efficient products.

The industrial sector plays a pivotal role in the global energy landscape, accounting for a staggering 37% of total energy demand. Alarmingly, 30% of all energy consumed in manufacturing and commercial buildings is squandered, contributing to both financial and environmental waste.

Farnell’s latest expansion of energy-efficient products is designed to empower customers by providing them with an array of innovative products that can significantly reduce energy consumption, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings.

The expansion encompasses eight key product categories, each strategically chosen to help customers make tangible strides toward energy efficiency:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are capable of reducing energy consumption by up to an impressive 60%. Examples of VFDs from Farnell include ATV320U55N4B and ATV12P075M2
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems can help customers achieve remarkable energy savings of up to 60%. Examples of these systems include XVB-C2B5 and 1SFA619600R6101
  • Power-Efficient Relays are designed to help reduce power consumption by up to 60%. Farnell offers a range of relays, including P7SA-14F-ND-PU DC24 and XW5T-S4.0-2.2-1
  • Energy-Efficient Motor Systems can cut electricity consumption by up to 50%. Examples of these systems featured are 6SL32101KE238AF1 and ATV320U40S6C
  • Occupancy Sensors can help customers reduce energy consumption by up to 50% through intelligent occupancy sensing. Examples of these sensors include T9602-5-D and 2JCIE-BU01
  • Industrial Intelligent Power Supplies can help slash energy usage by up to 50%. Some of Farnell’s power supplies include SDR-240-24 and AQM250PS24C2,
  • Modern Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can contribute by up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Farnell's expanded offering of advanced PLCs includes the 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0 and 6ES7223-1PL32-0XB0
  • Energy Monitoring Systems such as smart thermostats and intelligent HVAC controls can help customers achieve up to 30% energy savings through precise temperature control. Examples of these controls are 722-0004. and H3DS-ML.

“Our expanded product proposition in this industrial sector, coupled with our heightened focus on power-efficient solutions, reflects our response to the escalating energy costs and growing significance of climate change,” said Simon Meadmore, vice president, product and supplier management at Farnell. “With this expanded range of energy-efficient products, Farnell is reinforcing its environmental responsibility, delivering business solutions that align with sustainability goals while driving operational efficiency for our customers.”