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Multi-million cycle robot replaced after almost 20 years

05 February 2021

A NEW Kawasaki robot has just been installed to replace an older version which completed an estimated 2 million fault-free lifting cycles for one of Ireland’s leading producers of pallets.

Almost two decades ago a new Kawasaki robot was installed at the Cork production line of Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging, where it has performed perfectly without requiring anything more than routine maintenance. In mid-2020 Mid Cork Pallets took the decision to replace the unit with a new robot and in September of 2020 a brand-new Kawasaki ZX165U robot was commissioned at the plant.

Mid Cork Pallets & Packaging produces around 5400 standard Euro-pallets each day. The new Kawasaki ZX165U robot – which was installed an commissioned within a 72 hour time frame – moves compressed and moulded ‘air blocks’ which are used in the manufacturing process. Gripping trays of up to 96 blocks at a time, the robot uses side clamps to take them from a conveyor and then rotates them through more than 180° to deposit the trays direct onto a pallet assembly machine.

Staff at the site were well attuned to a certain way of operating the previous robot and were keen to keep the transition as simple and straightforward as possible. This was aided by a bespoke, proprietary controller from Kawasaki Robotics, complete with its own standard software.