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OMRON's new M1 inverter transforms tile manufacturing

21 September 2023

GRUPPO ROMANI, a leading Italian porcelain stoneware tile manufacturer, enhanced their manufacturing process by upgrading their old press feeding system with help from Bluengineering, an OMRON System Integrator, while ensuring compliance with strict safety standards.

Press feeding systems are commonly used in ceramics and tile production. They are crucial to ensure a consistent supply of raw materials, such as clay or other ceramic materials, to the press machine.

In addition to improving safety and modernising their operations, Gruppo Romani desired a solution that would aid in diagnostics and fault detection. Bluengineering and Gruppor Romani opted for OMRON's new M1 inverter – a cutting-edge frequency converter that had recently been introduced in the market.

The distinguishing feature of the M1 inverter is its unique ability to incorporate both hardware-based and EtherCAT-based Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality. This innovation ensures the swift and adaptable development of secure applications. In addition, the seamless integration of the EtherCat fieldbus and the Sysmac development environment enables shorter startup times and the provision of rapid and pragmatic diagnostic tools.

The outcome of this collaboration was a secure, modern application that not only elevated safety standards but also minimised production downtime. The M1 inverter's integration into the tile manufacturing process demonstrates how a sophisticated press feeding system can facilitate the precise supply of materials to the press, thereby enhancing the efficiency and quality of porcelain stoneware tile production.