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Ultra-compact code reader

08 February 2022

OMRON HAS launched the new V440-F barcode reader to help manufacturers achieve high-volume, high-speed reading of the tiniest codes, and achieve traceability goals such as securing the supply chain and maximising OEE.

The compact V440-F Series provides high accuracy and configuration flexibility by combining advanced code reader technology from OMRON MICROSCAN SYSTEMS and image capture technology from OMRON SENTECH, that both joined the OMRON group in 2017.

The V440-F is a high-resolution, field-configurable barcode reader that reads dozens of miniscule barcodes simultaneously for applications in which multiple barcoded products are within the field of view.

This highly flexible and compact code reader can also be configured to read at a long distance or to find multiple codes in a wide area, or on parts moving at high speed. These configuration options make it ideally suited for reading one or many codes during product packaging or in an assembly operation where the code reader is located outside of the operator’s working area.

The intuitive and proven WebLink user interface provides easy out-of-box configuration and application tuning, while the advanced decoding algorithms help ensure robust reading performance regardless of surface type (including transparent and reflective surfaces). Power over Ethernet (PoE), and connectivity to automation systems via EtherNet/IP and PROFINET enable reliable connectivity to automation networks.

Key features of the new barcode reader include a 5MP resolution Global Shutter sensor, a dual core processor supporting an image capture rate of 35 fps, and C-Mount lens options enabling the use of wide area, long distance, Macro and Telecentric lenses. Coaxial spot and ring light kits along with a variety of cables and bracketing make it easy to install a complete code reading system. The PoE, EIP and PROFINET connectivity using 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3 communications delivers reliable, user-friendly data integration, while the “matrix mode” with ordered output supports the flexible organization of hundreds of barcodes read simultaneously.

Target applications for the V440-F are any manufacturing, logistics, packaging or assembly applications where a wide field of view is needed.