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Out-of-the-box AR

01 February 2024

LEADING PROVIDER of remote connectivity and workplace digitalisation solutions, TeamViewer has entered into a strategic partnership with Almer, a pioneering provider of Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. The partnership includes the launch of a joint offering for a subscription-based hardware/software bundle as well as joint marketing activities.

The newly introduced bundle consists of the compact Almer Arc AR headset, equipped with TeamViewer’s leading, device-agnostic AR remote support solution xAssist. The flexible subscription model avoids high initial hardware costs for companies and includes services such as free hardware upgrades and easy replacements.

Using this out-of-the-box solution, businesses of all sizes can effortlessly add AR to their frontline worker’s everyday tasks and support the digitalisation of the deskless workforce. Staff benefit from increased efficiency as they can work 100% hands-free while having all the necessary information as well as remote expert help available at hand – all provided right in their field of vision by TeamViewer’s industry proven Frontline solution running on the Almer Arc. The combination is tailored to use cases such as aftersales support, remote assistance, and remote training. 

Mei Dent, chief product and technology officer at TeamViewer says: “Approximately 80% of the global workforce does not work at a desk but at a company’s frontline, and most of them currently benefit very little from digital transformation. There is immense potential for efficiency and productivity gains by enhancing the frontline work with digital tools and connecting this huge part of the global workforce to their companies' backend system. Our joint offering with Almer allows companies to explore how Augmented Reality opens new opportunities for business and operations and massively increases the speed of their digitalisation efforts.” 

Sebastian Beetschen, CEO at Almer: “The partnership with TeamViewer marks an important step for Almer as a company. We've put in extensive effort to ensure that this powerful combination works effortlessly right out of the box. Without much investment, companies can now benefit from a European-made, industry-proven bundle to kickstart their AR journey right away to start digitalising business-critical processes.”

The solution has been extensively tested and used in productive industrial working environments already by pilot customers such as Swisscom and Oerlikon.