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Raspberry Pi CM4-based industrial controller

22 April 2024

SFERA ALBSS has extended its family of open, easy-to-use and reliable servers with the introduction of Strato Pi Max – a flexible and expandable industrial controller based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM) 4.

Designed for deeply embedded applications, Raspberry Pi CM 4 incorporates a quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor, and is available in several configurations of RAM, eMMC Flash, and with or without wireless connectivity. With Strato Pi Max, Sfera Labs has harnessed the power of the CM4 to create a powerful industrial server module that can be easily customised and optimised to meet the needs of industrial and IoT applications.

The Strato Pi Max is a DIN rail mounted module incorporating Wi-Fi and BLE wireless connectivity, dual Ethernet ports, dual SD, eMMC and/or SSD storage options and two USB ports. The module supports up to four embedded expansion boards that extend capabilities to encompass serial (RS485/RS232) and CAN bus interfaces, digital I/O, additional wireless connectivity and support for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Based on open technology and fully compatible with the toolsets, programming languages and development frameworks available for Raspberry Pi, the new module will allow designers to implement advanced control systems in industrial, commercial and residential environments in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than would generally be possible with proprietary solutions.