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Home>POWER TRANSMISSION>Gears >Experience proves standard geared motors are the correct option

Experience proves standard geared motors are the correct option

08 April 2013

When a Welsh based Steel works required an upgrade of the roller table gearboxes on their casting production line, they turned to Rossi Gearmotors UK. Rossi have an unrivalled experience and reputation in supplying OEMs and end users, within the global metal manufacturing industry. Majority of the world's largest steel producing companies have Rossi products installed on their machinery, in various arduous applications either via OEM equipment or via retrofitting equipment upgrades.

The South Wales based production Steel Works, operated geared motors that were fabricated and designed decades ago. The original competitor gearboxes were specially designed and integrated intrinsically into the roller tables design. Due to the nature of this design the cost to consider replacing the existing gear motors had to incorporate design change to the current rollers on the roller table and this significantly increased the cost of the project.  Rossi understanding of this application meant they could transfer this experience directly to the customer and provide the best technical solution, using existing equipment design parameters and reduced the capital project cost significantly.

The nature of Steel production means that maintenance intervals are limited due the cost of stopping the furnaces and production lines. The plant had scheduled a specific time frame to install this new equipment during a "maintenance shut down” which meant Rossi had to deliver according to this tight schedule  and allow production to start up as required. Rossi’s experience in supplying these applications combined with the use of standard catalogue product ensured this deadline was met and installation went ahead according to the project schedule.

The original gearbox had its final gear wheel mounted directly on the roller shaft. Once the gear wheel had been removed, the roller table shaft was ready to accept the new Rossi geared motor. An appropriate position on the roller shaft, devoid of burs, was selected to locate the gearboxes’ 100 mm diameter shrink disc system. The use of the shrink disc eliminated the requirement for any special gearbox hollow shafts and keyways, whilst transferring the torque developed through the motor and gearbox directly onto the roller. It also allowed for the easy assembly and future removal of the geared motor to the roller shaft. Therefore the steel works did not need to modify, or replace the roller shafts.

The torque to gearbox size ratio was significantly improved which allowed for the new Rossi units to fit inside the existing fabricated foundations. These foundations held the geared motors in position and if new foundations were to be laid this again would add to the cost of the overall project. Rossi UK, designed special fabricated spacers to accommodate existing foundation brackets, which not only eliminated additional construction costs, but also allowed rapid assembly onto the production line. These were fabricated in the UK according to Rossi UK CAD drawings and specifications.

The heavy duty electric motors are specifically designed for roller table applications. The 6.4Kw motors have cast iron bodies, end shields and terminal boxes. These motors are fan less natural cooling motors (IC410 standard) within an IEC 160 frame. They give improved cooling and reduce dust accumulation with their circumference cooling ribs, and are built to withstand the arduous environment. The motors can be removed from the gearboxes leaving them in situation. They also have specially designed windings, for inverter use, and with a high torque characteristic curve.

Twenty eight geared motors have been supplied. Their acceleration and deceleration are controlled by inverters in these harsh steel making conditions. By using standard catalogue products, with industry knowledge and experience, significant improvements have been made for the production lines reliability and future maintance costs.

For more than 60 years, Rossi has been developing its business in the most demanding applications, becoming one of the world’s leading gearbox specialist in key strategic segments. Rossi is market leader in the heavy industry, such as mining, metal, plastic and rubber