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Tequila producer slams energy costs with VFD tech

22 April 2024

​A LEADING Mexican tequila producer has achieved a 30% reduction in energy consumption during its production process thanks to the implementation of variable frequency drives into the process. (VFDs).

The producer, one of more than 150 located in Mexico, cultivates its agave plants on its vast plantation and oversees the entire tequila production process from farm to bottle at a state-of-the-art facility.

A crucial step in this process is milling the agave hearts, which involves crushing them to extract the juice. This stage presents a significant energy challenge due to the high and variable current peaks and torque experienced by the motor driving the crusher.

To address this energy-intensive process, the company worked with Sumitomo Drive Technologies – Mexico. They identified Invertek Drives's Optidrive P2 VFD as the ideal solution. Its advanced motor control capabilities enabled precise control of the agave crusher motor, optimising its speed and torque based on the actual load demands.

This optimisation resulted in a 30% reduction in energy consumption, translating to significant financial savings for the company. Additionally, the precise motor control reduced wear and tear on the machinery, minimising potential maintenance costs and downtime.

The production environment at the plant is dusty, which can impact equipment, particularly electronics. The Optidrive P2's IP55-rated enclosure effectively protects it from dust and other contaminants, ensuring reliable operation within its cabinet housing.

Fernando Vazquez, of Sumitomo Heavy Industries - Mexico, said: "The Optidrive P2 is a perfect solution for applications like tequila production, where precise motor control and energy efficiency are crucial. We are thrilled to see its positive impact on the company’s operations."

He added: “In addition to the motor control, the Optidrive range is also easy to set up and commission and is extremely reliable. That is something very important to our customers who need to ensure reliability in their commercial processes.”

The process means the company has a smooth flow throughout the production process from farm to bottle and onward to customers and consumers to enjoy the final tequila product.