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Flat Motors: Compact size with high power density

19 October 2023

THERE'S NO need to compromise when your design requires a compact but high power density motion solution. Portescap’s recently expanded flat motor portfolio includes the newest brushless flat motors Brushless DC Flat Motors which offer speeds from 5000 up to 30,000rpm.

With diameters starting as small as 20mm, cont. mechanical power up to 260 W, and numerous customisation configurations, these compact motors will allow for a lower cost of ownership, as well as extensive customisation to optimise your machine. Our newest brushless slotted flat motors are available in in 20mm, 32mm, 45mm, and 90mm, and will include a 60mm option, and our newest brushless slotless flat motor is now available in a 26mm size with integrated electronics.

These newest motors are perfect for rugged applications such as robotics, grippers, actuation systems, actuators, tattoo machines, and industrial tools, as well as precision medical equipment including lab automation, imaging machines, an exoskeletons. These flat motors all offer a compact design in a flat architecture which make them a perfect choice for applications where power-packed performance is a necessity and where space comes at a premium.

Know what you need? Portescap offers a motor eStore for quick prototypes. Click for more information to read about our newest brushless slotted flat motors with outer rotor and get in touch with an applications engineering expert and begin optimising your motion solution today!