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VFD range expanded

11 March 2024

INVERTEK DRIVE has extended its industry-leading Optidrive Coolvert (HVAC-R) variable frequency drive (VFD) range with the launch of two new compact frame sizes with higher power ratings.

Specifically designed for BLDC compressors, heat pumps and condensing units (CDUs), Optidrive Coolvert allows OEMs in the HVAC-R sector to achieve optimal system performance in a compact space. A key highlight is its compatibility with A2L, A3 refrigerants, and CO2, including R290 and R744 natural refrigerants, supporting F-Gas regulations.

The new Frame Sizes 3 and 4 extend the Coolvert range, significantly increasing output current capabilities:

  • Extended power range: Meeting the demands of Scroll compressor manufacturers for higher capacity output, with 400V, 3 Phase output current reaching 30A and 39A in Frame Size 3, and 46A to 58A in Frame Size 4
  • Space saving design: The smallest drives in their class, saving valuable space within OEM machines for applications like refrigeration and heat pumps.

These new additions join the existing Coolvert range, renowned for:

  • Easiest setup and matching: Only five parameters to set for seamless BLDC/PMAC compressor motor configuration
  • Market-leading compactness: Achieved through innovative slim DC link technology
  • Flexible mounting options: Through panel mounting and cold plate options for maximum design freedom
  • Effortless compliance: No external components are needed to meet EN61800-3-2 / EN61800-3-12 harmonics standards.

“Coolvert is the ideal choice for OEMs seeking high-performance, space-saving solutions for natural refrigerant BLDC compressors,” said Mike Carman, executive business development manager HVAC-R at Invertek Drives.

“These new Coolvert sizes allow our customers to optimise system design and efficiency while complying with evolving global environmental and emission regulations, such as the latest F-Gas requirements in the European Union. The VFDs smaller footprint is particularly valuable for applications where space is a premium, and the extended power range opens doors for new applications.

“Beyond the benefits for OEMs, the Coolvert VFDs are ideal for a wide range of sectors increasingly reliant on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC-R technology. This includes data centres, supermarkets, industrial process cooling, and building air conditioning systems.”