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Outdoor rated drives on show at SPS

23 October 2017

A new range of drives suitable for outdoor use are to be previewed at sps ipc drives by UK-based variable frequency drives manufacturer, Invertek Drives.

The Optidrive E3 IP66 Outdoor range of general purpose drives will be on show at Stand K11 in Hall 14.

Designed specifically to allow mounting outdoors and suitable for a wide range of applications including fans, pumps and conveyers, the IP66 rated drives are built with tough polycarbonate plastics specifically chosen to withstand degradation by ultra violet (UV) light, greases, oils and acids.

The product range is designed with harsh environments in mind, and is suitable for use directly in IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C3 environments, avoiding the need for expensive secondary cabinet protection.

In common with Inverteks’ Optidrive E3 product range, a simple parameter set with just 14 basic parameters and 60 total allows rapid commissioning.

The drives come with pre-set modes for industrial, pump or fan operation that can be used to quickly optimise the drive in common applications. Default parameter settings are chosen to be suitable for most applications further simplifying the commissioning process.

For ultimate convenience, switched versions of the drive are also offered, which included a mains disconnect isolator, control switch and local potentiometer directly mounted on the drive.

In addition, the option of Ethernet IP included on-board, provides a high degree of flexibility and connectivity.

Available in four frame sizes in power outputs up to 22kW these new outdoor rated drives can be designed to provide precise motor control and energy savings just using the factory settings.

Invertek Drives will also be promoting a range of career opportunities based at its UK R&D and manufacturing facilities.